Single and over forty

Anyone that says single is the life is kidding them selfs.
I’ve been on the dating scene for 5 years now and met many women.
The one thing they all have in common is they have no grasp on reality.
The problem is that there are so many men out there that the women punch above their weight (well above their weight).
They all carry baggage and bring it with them to the next relationship.
I will be going to a RSVP night on Saturday and will report on how it goes as I’m at the venue.
I will try to post some pics of the disasters that will be there lol
Till then stay up right.


Ok it’s 23:33 in New Zealand and I’m writing my first blog
I’m madly in love with a woman I work with.
She is truly a player but I can’t help myself.
I too am a player as I have been played by the best and know how to be played.
Everyday from now on I will post what happens in my life.
I do lead an extraordinary life.
I don’t care about the law and what it may bring.
I live life to the fullest and live to date women and bed them.
It is truly amazing how women demand sex.
I will blog tricks and secrets on just how to take a women to bed.
You have to have confidence and not be shy.
But back to the woman I am currently chasing.
We have had sex 3 times now (every week for the last 3 weeks ) and I love it.
We do it 5 to 6 times in roughly 2 hours and then we lie in each other’s arms for a few hours.
She doesn’t want to be with me permanently but she does like my company.
So for now I’m trying to make her need me.
I will wait 2 months then move into phase 2 which is make her jealous :)
Anyway for now that’s it until tomorrow.
Stay tuned as this Saturday ill either bed my lady or I’m off to a RSVP singles night.